All sessions held in Room T.1.17, TARA Building, MIC except where indicated.




1pm-2pm: Registration


2pm – 2.15pm: Welcome and Opening Remarks


2.15pm – 4.00pm: PANEL ONE – Seminal Irish Women Playwrights

Chair: Feargal Whelan (UCD)

David Clare (MIC, UL) – “Three Types of Canonical Exclusion: Forgotten Plays by Irish Women from the ‘Long’ Eighteenth Century”

Anna Pilz (UCC) – “Lady Gregory, Playwright: Why Production Histories Matter”

José Lanters (Univ. of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, USA) – “Desperationists and Ineffectuals: Mary Manning’s 1930s Gate Comedies”

Ruud van den Beuken (Radboud Univ., NETHERLANDS) – “‘Three cheers for the Descendancy!’: Middle-Class Dreams and (Dis)illusions in Mary Manning’s Happy Family (1934)”


4.00pm – 4.15pm: Tea and Coffee Break


4.15pm – 6.00pm: PANEL TWO – Underappreciated in Éire

Chair: Tanya Dean (UU-Magee)

Thomas Conway (NUIG) — “From ‘a little propaganda play’ to ‘an admirable comedy’: Susanne Rouviere Day and the Stylistics of Suffrage Activism”

Ciara Conway (Independent Scholar) – “Lemonade to Warmed Chianti: Ria Mooney and the Material Realities for Irish Actresses of the 1930s”

Chris McCormack (NUIG) – “Flashes of Modernity: Tanya Moiseiwitsch’s Designs at the Abbey Theatre, 1936-1939”

Fiona Brennan (Independent Scholar) – “‘A good long look from the outside’: Pauline Maguire and 1950s Ireland”


6pm – 7pm: PLENARY SESSION – Dr. Cathy Leeney (UCD) – “Waking up to Theatrical Aesthetics: Women’s Way of Looking”. [To be held in the LIME TREE THEATRE, TARA Building, MIC]





9am – 9.15am: Registration


9.15am – 11am: PANEL THREE – Contemporary Makers, Contemporary Concerns I

Chair: Dorothy Morrissey (MIC, UL)

Ciara Murphy (NUIG) – “The Female Body as Performance Site: Commemorating Hidden Histories in Radical Irish Performance Practice”

Kate McCarthy (WIT) – “Transitional and Embodied Spaces in The M House (Equinox Theatre Company, 2017)”

Carole Quigley (TCD) – “‘You are just a test dummy I am happy to oblige…’ Deconstructing the Narrative of a Victim/Slut Binary in Contemporary Culture through Caitríona Daly’s Test Dummy

Claire Bracken (Union College, USA) – “The Feminist Energies of Post-Tiger Women’s Drama”


11am – 11.15am: Tea and Coffee Break


11.15am – 1pm: PANEL FOUR – Contemporary Makers, Contemporary Concerns II

Chair: Carole Quigley (TCD)

Tanya Dean (UU-Magee) – “Money, Mayhem, Moral Outrage: Tracing the Connections between the British Gin Industry and the Establishment of the Magdalene Homes in Jo Egan’s Madame Geneva

Brenda Donohue (TCD) – “Gender Counts! Women and Irish Theatre”

Charlotte McIvor (NUIG) – “Waking the (Intersectional) Feminists: Defining Feminist Theatremaking Today in Intercultural Ireland”

Brenda O’Connell (NUIM) – “‘I’ll sing you a song from around the town’: Silence as Radical Political Act in Amanda Coogan’s Performance Art”


1pm – 2pm: LUNCH


2pm – 3pm: PLENARY SESSION – Interview with Co. Clare playwright Ursula Rani Sarma (conducted by Justine Nakase of NUI Galway). [To be held in the LIME TREE THEATRE, TARA Building, MIC]


3pm – 4pm: THEATREMAKERS ROUNDTABLE — Chair: Louise Donlon (Theatre Manager of Limerick’s Lime Tree Theatre and Producer) // Panellists: Emma Fisher (Puppeteer), Julie Kelleher (Artistic Director of Cork’s Everyman Theatre and Actor/Director/Producer), Lynda Radley (Playwright/Dramaturge), Sarah-Jane Scaife (Artistic Director of Dublin’s Company SJ and Actor/Director/Producer), Maeve Stone (Director/Deviser), and Aideen Wylde (Playwright/Actor). [To be held in the LIME TREE THEATRE, TARA Building, MIC]


4pm – 4.15pm: Tea and Coffee Break


4.15pm – 6pm: PANEL FIVE – Unjustly Neglected Fields: Irish Language Drama and Theatre for Young Audiences

Chair: Anna Pilz (UCC)

Fiona McDonagh (MIC, UL) – “Devising ‘babywork’ – Emelie FitzGibbon and Blátha Bána/White Blossoms”

Dorothy Morrissey (MIC, UL) and Fiona McDonagh (MIC, UL) – “Making Theatre and Troubling Gender with Young Children”

Feargal Whelan (UCD) – “Saoirse?: The Reception of Máiréad Ní Ghráda’s An Triail/On Trial

Celia de Fréine (Playwright) — “WAKING THE AUDIENCE: An Exploration of the Effect, if Any, Waking the Feminists Has Had on the Challenges Faced by an Irish Language Woman Playwright”


6pm – 7pm: “Counting the Impact: After the WTF Data Report” (Discussion led by Ciara Conway, Tanya Dean, and Brenda Donohue) / Wine Reception




9.00am – 10am: Registration


10am – 11.15am: PANEL SIX – A Turning Point: The 1980s and 1990s

Chair: Justine Nakase (NUIG)

Tricia O’Beirne (NUIG) – “Riding the Second Wave: Feminist Theatre in 1980s Ireland”

Siobhan O’Gorman (Univ. of Lincoln, UK) – “Women, Scenography and Theatre Industry Activism in Ireland of the 1980s”

Katy Hayes (UCD) – “There Are No Irish Women Playwrights!”


11.15am-11:30am: Tea and Coffee Break


11.30am-12pm: Performance of Mary Elmes, from Smashing Times Theatre Company’s The Woman is Present: Women’s Stories of WWII, by Mary Moynihan, Fiona Bawn Thompson, and Paul Kennedy (Performed by Róisín Mc Atamney; Directed by Mary Moynihan; Followed by a post-show discussion with the actor). [To be held in the LIME TREE THEATRE, TARA Building, MIC]


12pm – 1pm: PLENARY SESSION – Dr. Melissa Sihra (TCD) – “Beyond Token Women: Towards a Matriarchal Lineage from Lady Gregory to Marina Carr”. [To be held in the LIME TREE THEATRE, TARA Building, MIC]


1pm – 2pm: LUNCH


2pm – 3.45pm: PANEL SEVEN – Important Acts of Recovery: Eva Gore-Booth and Teresa Deevy

Chair: Siobhan O’Gorman (Univ. of Lincoln, UK)

Maureen O’Connor (UCC) – “The Transitive Body in Eva Gore-Booth’s The Triumph of Maeve and The Buried Life of Deirdre

Mikyung Park (NUIG) – “‘To Be in One World and To Dream of Another’: The Role of Fantasy in Teresa Deevy’s Katie Roche (1936)”

Una Kealy (WIT) – “Spaces of Confinement: Hebdomadal Contractions in Teresa Deevy’s Wife to James Whelan

Caoilfhionn Ní Bheacháin (UL) – “‘Rage and Despair’: Teresa Deevy’s Rebellious Women in Context”


3.45pm – 4pm: Tea and Coffee Break


4pm – 5pm: Rehearsed Reading of Teresa Deevy’s The King of Spain’s Daughter (Facilitated by Una Kealy, Kate McCarthy, and Dayna Killian of Waterford IT; Performed by students from MIC’s BA in Contemporary & Applied Theatre Studies [BA CATS] programme) / Workshop Performance of Anne Devlin’s The House (Directed by David Clare; Performed by Aideen Wylde). [To be held in the LIME TREE THEATRE, TARA Building, MIC]


5pm – 6pm: PLENARY SESSION – Dr. Maria Kurdi (Univ. of Pécs, HUNGARY) – “An Ethical Turn in 21st-century Irish plays by Marina Carr, Nancy Harris, Deirdre Kinahan, and Elaine Murphy”. [To be held in the LIME TREE THEATRE, TARA Building, MIC]



6pm – 6.15pm: Closing Remarks